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Under no circumstances the leave to access into the site could be understood as a licence or an authorization to use our registered trademarks and our hallmarks. Every images are defended by copyright.
During these long years of work rich in cooperation with prestigious griffes, we have never been tired to look for new incentives and unique and innovative products. We wanted to distinguish ourselves from the others being aware that with the same performances we are the ones making the difference. So, our new trademark was born, a trademark carrying ambitious ideas and our creative energy: TARGET is born.

A name reflecting faithfully what our company continues to look for. An ideal target to reach, that is the one to meet our clients' requirements offering them what is not possible to find elsewhere. The technology of the seamless articles is granted by years of experience without renouncing to what we consider the most important thing: the care in working that very few factories can assure. A target that make us never stopping: we must look ahead to catch your needs before you realize to have them, in order to be always the first ones in the research of new materials and products.

Our goal is called TARGET…. and our TARGET are YOU!!!!