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The peculiarity of our production is the use of our many knitters by Santoni allowing us to produce articles without the traditional and annoying side seams. They are articles of high wearableness, extremely comfortable on the skin that do not grip. They must not be ironed.

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There are even benefits strictly linked with this type of working such as the possibility to model the article giving it different characteristics making it unique of its kind: transparencies, embroideries, grids, rib decoration, printed and graphical images all over that are part of the well-known collections.

We suggest different models: from the most classical and appreciated pants, loincloth, coulotte, tank tops, long or short sleeve t-shirts, to the most original lines of American tank tops (rower style),"a madonna" necks (that is a very large neck that leaves the shoulder uncovered), sheath dresses, high neck knitwear and deep décolleté.

Not only underwear. Our articles can be worn everyday to be completely relaxed in your own privacy but they are even made to be shown: under a jacket or a sweater, but even alone to fully taste their glamour.